DNA and RNA Purification Kits

ITSI Biosciences now offers total solution for all your DNA and RNA needs. Our DNA and RNA reagents and kits are easy-to- use, and provide fast and accurate results. The kits are produced in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and have undergone rigorous testing and validations.

DNA purification and extraction kits

Our product line includes DNA electrophoresis products, PCR products, DNA isolation / purification products and RNA isolation / purification products and other associated reagents. Our key products include Taq DNA Polymerases for routine and complex templates, PCR mix, DNA Ladders, genomic DNA and Gel extraction kits.

Our isolation kits can help you extract DNA from a wide variety of tissues, cells, blood, bacteria, yeast, serum and plasma samples. In as little as 30 minutes you can obtain up to 40 µg of high copy plasmid DNA or genomic DNA in one prep, that are ready-to-use for downstream analysis. Our gel extraction kit displays discoveries of over 80 %  in the range of 50 bp - 40 kb in as little as 15 mins.

Our DNA electrophoresis ladders are produced using restriction enzymes and produce bright and sharp bands for accurate sizing. They offer high resolution and low background to obtain precise DNA concentration. Ladders are stable at room temperature and are uniform across different batches.

RNA purification and extraction kits

RNA extractions kits are ready-to-use reagents and can be used to extract RNA from wide variety of tissues including animals, plants, bacteria and cells. Obtaining high quality RNA is the first and critical step for many fundamental molecular biology experiments. Out kits pass rigorous testing and offers unparallel reproducibility and stability.

Benefits of using ITSIBIO DNA & RNA Purification and Extraction Kits:

  • - Lowest cost/sample
  • - Fast procedures
  • - Efficient
  • - High purity
  • - Easy-to-follow protocol