Post Translational Modification Mapping

Identification of Post-Translational Modifications (PTM) is a challenging and time consuming process. Most of the post-translational modifications are present in very low amounts and usually an enrichment step is necessary to identify and sequence them. To identify phosphorylation sites, Titanium dioxide (TiO2) or Immobilized Metal Affinity Chelate (IMAC) enrichment is necessary when handling complex mixtures. We offer both TiO2 and IMAC enrichments. To obtain quality MS/MS, we monitor neutral loss in our MS/MS and trigger MS/MS/MS automatically on observing 98 Da loss for phosphoric acid.
Apart from phosphorylation, we have expertise in identifying PTMs like Ubiquitination, Acetylation, Sumoylation, Oxidation, Methylation and glycosylations.

Our peptide sequencing and protein identification by tandem mass spectrometry services includes:

a) Tandem mass spectrometry analysis using nano-LC/MS/MS,
b) Database search,
c) PTM Mapping,
d) Full protein annotation


    Cost is per sample.

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