Protein Identification In-gel Digestion

In-gel Digestion:Gel Electrophoresis provides a reproducible, affordable and reliable way to fractionate proteins based on molecular weight (SDS-PAGE), or molecular weight and pI (2DE, 2D-DIGE) to reduce protein sample complexity.  Our in-gel digestion workflow includes spot picking, digestion and mass spec analysis from 1D and 2D gels.

Our services includes:

a) Performance of preparative gels
b) Staining of gels with fluorescent dye,
c) Scanning of gels with Typhoon Digital Imager,
d) Matching of preparative gels to analytical gels to identify spots of interest,
e) Picking and digestion of protein spots,
f) In-gel digestion of protein spots,
g) Tandem mass spectrometry analysis using nano-LC/MS/MS,
h) Database search
i) Full protein annotation including GO annotations

    Cost is per spot.

    Apart from this service we offer a unique kit (Protein Digestion Monitoring kit (ProDM)) to check for the completion of trypsin digestion without mass spectrometry. This is a valuable kit for clients mailing precious samples who don't have an in-house and inexpensive method to check for the completion of trypsin digestion.

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