News Flash

  • February 06, 2012 ITSI-Life Sciences Newsflash Issue 1

    Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissues (FFPE) are commonly used in healthcare to preserve tissues from a wide variety and different stages of a disease. However formalin cross links the protein and poses a great obstacle for downstream proteomics application. The development in this area is critical for identification of new biomarkers and for validation ... Download full article.

  • May 04, 2012 ITSI-Life Sciences Newsflash Issue 2

    Prostate cancer ranks as the second most diagnosed cancer and the third major cause of cancer related death in men. PSA screening is one of the currently available tests for prostate cancer. However, PSA is plagued with controversies and is unreliable because of its potential to provide false positive and false negative results3. Hence additional biomarkers are needed to replace or compliment PSA to improve detection, diagnosis and prognostication of prostate cancer. ... Download full article.