Whole Proteome Screening

We now offer a unique Whole Proteome Screening service for $995. This service (Cat #: WPS010) involves the use of validated sample preparation protocols and high performance mass spectrometers to generate a global map of simple and complex protein samples. Samples including protein isolates, gel-bands, tissue/cell lysates, serum, plasma, culture media, etc can be screened and results are returned to most clients in about 48h.

This cost-effective service can be leveraged for biomarker research, identification of contaminants in samples, verification of the purity of samples and characterization of antibodies and recombinant proteins. This first of its kind and increasingly popular service is ideal for generation of preliminary data to support grant proposals and validate concepts.

The standard WPS service includes:

  1. a) Sample preparation, including depletion of abundant proteins if applicable
    b) nano-LC/MS/MS, including the application of MudPIT for complex samples.
    c) Database search.
    d) Full protein annotation and Gene Ontology classification. 


Cost is per biological or clinical specimen $995.00.

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