Total Protein Isolation Kit

One of the first steps in the analysis workflow processes in the biology, biochemistry, cell biology and proteomics laboratory is total protein isolation from tissue or cells prior to further separation, fractionation, quantitation and analysis. This step requires the use of carefully standardized and repeatable procedures to ensure that good quality proteins are isolated without protein degradation. The ideal method must produce proteins suitable for the desired downstream application, while being reliable, convenient, fast, easy to perform and cost effective.

The ToPI-PAGE kit contains a set of optimized buffers, consumables, and standard operating procedure that allow the isolation of total proteins from biological and clinical samples with no protein breakdown. ToPI-PAGE is optimized for isolation of total proteins from cell lines (K-0011-C) and mammalian tissue (K-0011-T) prior to sodium dodecyl sulfate- polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). In most cases it allows a smooth transition from the protein isolation step to the downstream analytical processes without the need to perform a buffer exchange. The standard ToPI kit will allow quick and convenient isolation of proteins from 10 samples.

  • ToPI-PAGE image of a Cell Lysates

Each Kit contains optimized buffer systems and consumables including:

  • Buffer 1
  • Buffer 2
  • Buffer 3
  • iTube A (Protease-, RNase- & DNAse- free)
  • iTube B (Protease-, RNase- & DNAse- free)
  • Validated SOP for total protein isolation from cell lines and tissue


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K-0011-T10 (10 Assays) - $65.30 Visit the Online store to purchase product.Order

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