JUNE 22, 2010 Unique New Product Line Launched by ITSI BIOSCIENCES

Johnstown, PA ITSI Biosciences is pleased to announce the introduction of a unique line of space-saving laboratory instruments ideal for laboratory and field use. This new line includes the ITSI Vortex Mixer and the ITSI Magnetic Stirrer for use in laboratories and field research.

Both units operate with a small electrical (6V) adapter or batteries (4×1.5v). Each weighing only 200g, they are small, light weight and portable. The ITSI Vortex Mixer and Magnetic Stirrer allow for easy movement around the laboratory with no cable clutter. “You will hardly know they are on the bench until you need to use one. Being battery operated and compact makes these units ideal for field use and for laboratories with limited bench space” says Dr. Richard I. Somiari, President and Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Somiari states “We are pleased to announce this addition of portable and space-saving instruments which complements our sample preparation kits and other scientific product line. Both units are cost effective, practical additions for any scientist working in industrial, agricultural, medical, environmental, government or academic research.”

The Vortex Mixer and Magnetic Stirrer can be purchased online at www.itsibio.com or by calling ITSI Biosciences (814)262-7331.


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