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Manually picking from an electrophoresis fluorescent gel is a challenge without an auto-mated picker. It is necessary to post stain the gel in order to visualize the spots. Many classical staining methods interfere with Mass Spectrometry or, have lower sensitivity than the fluorescent labelling or stain used in the experiment.

ITSIBIO's Screen Picker (Cat# iBIO-SPQ-030) is a new device to semi-manually pick fluorescent gels (DIGE, LavaPurple, Sypro Ruby, Flamingo...) without the need of post staining and / or sophisticated robot and software. It consists of an embedded screen connected to a small computer to display the scanned image of the gel, an XY carriage to guide the picker accurately over the spot position and a software which can read images and picking lists from most evaluation packages.


  • Affordable
  • A scanned image with positioning markers is projected at identical scale under the real gel on the built-in flat screen
  • Error free by using the picking list from imaging software and plate identifier
  • Accurate spot picking using precise XY carriage and robust picker
  • Full workflow integration by generation of digester work list
  • Flexible, reads any image or pick list format
  • Designed for large gels on 3mm glass plates and HPE gels on non-fluorescent plastic backing
  • Safe to use, no UV light
  • Dedicated software running under virus free Linux environment
  • Small size, fits on every bench (55x36x8 cm, 7 Kg)
  • No maintenance costs



The screen picker aligns the image on the gel: Using the mouse the image is stretched to match the 3 marks on the film backing or glass plate.


Spot picking: It can also be used after picking with any automated system to check if the right spots were picked without rescanning the gel


Placing into well: placing the plug into highlighted well. Clearly marks the spots to pick on the image. The screen picker can also be used for Coomassie or silver stained gels, increasing the picking accuracy and making the process entirely error free