Bradford Total Protein Assay Kit-nano (ToPA-nano, K-0020)


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ToPA-nano is a validated kit specifically developed for use with the innovative NanoDropTM ND-1000 spectrophotometer that does not require cuvettes and can measure 2uL of sample.ToPA-nano is based on the distinctive Quanti-Protein Assay Reagent and can be used with the "Protein Bradford" application module available in the NanoDropTM ND-1000. The ToPA-nano kit contains all the ready-to-use and room temperature stable reagents, including a standard blank reagent. With the ToPA-nano, protein quantitation is at least 30% faster, easier to perform, and more cost-effective while conserving precious samples. ToPA-nano reagents can tolerate most common laboratory buffers.

The R2 value of the standard curve obtained with the Ready-to-Use ToPA-nano protein standards (25 ug/ml – 1000 ug/ml) is >98%.

NanoDropTM ND-1000
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50 Assays, 100 Assays