“your data matched very well in-house data. Your company has demonstrated quality work in this area and we will keep you in mind for future projects”.

PhD Senior Analyst, MRL External Services/Basic Research-Biology Sourcing, Merck & Co., Inc, West Point, PA.

“I have had good experience when I sought your help last time and now I’m planning to perform another experiment and would like to ask for a new quote”.
PhD Research Scientist, Virginia Tech

“Although, we’ve only used ITSI’s services briefly, I have found they have met our requirements to date. I have found the customer service to be very professional and detailed. Very pleasant to deal with. I do recommend ITSI. …as a DOD contractor, it’s important to build relationships with local businesses. A good deal for both of us”.
Throughput Operations Manager, Martin-Baker America, Johnstown, PA.

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“I have used proteomic and biochemical analysis services and products offered by ITSI. I found those services received and products from ITSI outstanding and above my expectations. I will definitely recommend ITSI because of their quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness”.

PhD Research Scientist, Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Division of Biochemistry, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, MD.

“The technical support I received was exceptional and the turn-around time to obtain results was fast…”.
Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

“ITSI exceeded my expectations. …our initial order went very well. … It makes sense to collaborate with others LOCALLY when you can and the prices were better than other companies”.
Instructor and Lead Faculty of Biological Sciences, Biology Club Advisor, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, Johnstown, PA.

Let us know how we did. Write a testimonial E-mail: itsi@itsibio.com