ITSIBIO today announced that instructors from AFDIL based in Rockville, MD have arrived Johnstown, PA to help train Nigerian Armed Forces DNA Bank (AFDB) personnel. The AFDIL team led by Michael D. Coble, PhD (Research Section Chief) arrived in Johnstown, PA on the 8th of December 2009. According to Richard Somiari, PhD, President of ITSI, LLC “the training will focus on military applications and cover; 1) Forensic DNA Analysis 2) Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Data Analysis and Interpretation 3) Population Genetics and Statistics and 4) Non-STR DNA Markers. ITSI LLC (; is helping AFDB setup a state-of-the-art DNA banking and analysis center in Abuja, Nigeria that will be capable of banking DNA from up to 100,000 military personnel. The involvement of AFDIL in the training program is critically important and key to achieving the overall project goals added Dr Somiari.