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About ITSI

Established in 2004 by accomplished scientists with wide ranging academic and industry experience, ITSI-Biosciences LLC provides DNA testing, Genomics, proteomics and tandem mass spectrometry (aka LC-MS/MS) services to support biomedical research and forensic biology.   We also supply specialized equipment and technologies for dry-state and ambient temperature storage of DNA and blood.

ITSI-Biosciences supports pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organizations, research institutes, universities and defense research and development agencies. We have supported government agencies such as the Department of Justice (DOJ), Food And Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIA), United States Department of Agriculture (DOA), Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Defence (DOD).

With 40+ years of combined experience and available state-of-the-art technologies, we can extract DNA and protein from the most difficult human and non-human specimens and analyze the DNA and proteins in the most comprehensive way currently possible. By offering testing at the DNA and protein levels our scientists can generate comprehensive information to support basic and translational research and our forensic science team can individualize a tissue specimen or biological stain and unambiguously identify the source of the tissue or stain.

We adhere to international best practices and quality assurance standards that enable us to provide accurate, reliable, and reproducible results. We guarantee a competitive price and turnaround time.


“ITSI exceeded my expectations. …our initial order went very well. … It makes sense to collaborate with others LOCALLY when you can and the prices were better than other companies”.

Instructor and Lead Faculty of Biological Sciences, Biology Club Advisor, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, Johnstown, PA.

“I have had good experience when I sought your help last time and now I’m planning to perform another experiment and would like to ask for a new quote”.


– PhD Research Scientist, Virginia Tech

“your data matched very well in-house data. Your company has demonstrated quality work in this area and we will keep you in mind for future projects”.

-PhD Senior Analyst, MRL External Services/Basic Research-Biology Sourcing, Merck & Co., Inc, West Point, PA.