GenTegra DNA


Stabilize DNA at ambient temperature for transport and storage. Don't just store your DNA samples, protect them. GenTegra DNA protects DNA from hydrolysis and oxidation, stabilizing it for long-term ambient temperature storage, while freezing merely slows these processes. GenTegra DNA is like insurance for storing and shipping your samples, because it stabilizes them for a wide temperature range. Dry ice and cold packs cannot protect your samples during delivery delays, and even a few extra days can cause sample loss. When shipped using GenTegra DNA, your sample is completely protected even after days or weeks of delay. You might even save money on shipping costs and rush charges. Recovering your sample after storage or shipment is easy. Simply add water to recover 100% of your sample, and it is ready for any downstream application. Start protecting your samples the better way, using GenTegra DNA. Long Term Protection and Stability DNA samples stored on GenTegra DNA show no degradation after the equivalent of 16 years storage at ambient temperature. Accelerated stability studies show DNA sample protection with no visible degradation.

Product Specification Description
Format 0.5 ml screw cap tube 0.3ml cluster tube 1.7ml microtube snap cap 96-well microtiter plate Dry bulk
0.05 μg – 25 μg
Sample Application Volume 20– 250 μL
Recovery volume Equals application volume (20 – 250 μL of molecular biology water)
Stability for transport Tolerance for extreme temperatures and extreme temperature shifts (-80 °C to 76 °C) Exceeds Military specifications (-60 °C to 71°C) Exceeds Federal Express specifications (-51 °C to 60 ̊C)
Shelf life 3 years (prior to use)
Drying FastDryer: Overnight SpeedVac: 2 – 4 hours, depending on volume/type of SpeedVac Under Biosafety Hood: 14 hours
Recover >99