Autoantibody Profiling

Autoantibodies are the class of antibodies that are produced by the immune system against an individual’s own protein(s). More than 32 million Americans have autoantibodies.

The production of autoantibodies may be due to genetic predisposition, hormones, therapeutic drugs or an environmental component including exposure to viruses and toxic chemicals.

The presence of autoantibodies is associated with autoimmune disorders and literature suggests that the use of autoantibodies as a biomarker may enhance the sensitivity and specificity of early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of the progress of autoimmune disorders.

ITSI-Biosciences’ provides Autoantibody screening services using its unique Autoantibody Profiling System (iAPS). The APS is specifically developed for rapid identification, discovery and quantitation of multiple or single autoantibodies that may be present in biological specimens. The profiling system consists of a set of carefully selected and highly purified antigens that detects specific autoantibodies produced by the immune system against one or more of an individual’s own proteins.

The APS is in a 96-well microtiter plate format and the kit used for this service includes all reagents and materials required for screening and detection. A typical assay lasts for 240 min and results will be ready within 1 week. We can screen one sample for multiple autoantibodies (Cat No. S0046.1-90) and/or screen multiple samples for one known autoantibody (Cat No. S0046.1; 2).


1 S-0046.1-90 Multiple autoantibody profiling Identify multiple autoantibodies in a sample. Call for quote
2 S-0046.1; .2; .3; etc. Single autoantibody profiling Identify a single autoantibody in multiple samples. Call for quote