Storage Solutions

GenStore Archive Cabinet

The GenStore Archive is a highly efficient and cost effective method for storing hundreds of thousands of biosamples. Designed for storing GenTegra-DNA and GenTegra-RNA protected samples, the GenStore Archive can hold up to 600 96-tube racks.* The exact number of other racks will be dependent on the brand of 96-tube rack and the tube volume used. Any manufacturer’s 96-tube rack may be used and virtually any size tube. The GenStore Archive will also store small screw cap tubes conveniently in a 100 tube paper box. The optional box rack holds twenty boxes for a total rack capacity of 2000 tubes. Box racks and plate racks can be conveniently mixed as needed. GenStore archive is well suited for organizations that collect a relatively large number of samples for their own personal research efforts.

Specification Description
Dimensions 36.25” W x 31” H x 27” D or 92 cm x 79 cm x 69 cm; open door requires 60” D or 153 cm. Weight 140 lbs or 64 Kg empty.
Capacity 115,200 Individual samples maximum, standard 96-well microplates2,220GenPlates (Standard half-height 384 well microplate format)1,200GenTegra Microplates (Standard height 96 well microplate format)60096-tube racks, capacity (0.5 ml tubes, Gentegra brand)
Environmental control Optional Active dehumidifier (ACDH: 110V-120V single phase @ 60Hz or 230V single phase @ 50Hz/60Hz) available but not required for GenTegra protected samples. ACDH required for GenPlate storage and for compound library storage application. GenStore archive itself does not require power


GenStore Personal Archive

The GenStore Archive is an efficient high density method for storing hundreds of thousands of blood & other biosamples. In about 9.5 square feet of floor space up to 1176 GenPlates can be easily stored and just as easily retrieved. Depending upon the configuration of the GenPlate used more than 450,000 discrete sample aliquots can be archived. The GenStore archive is well suited for organizations that collect a relatively large number of samples for their own personal research efforts. The GenStore personal archive stores more than 450,000 discrete samples and provides storage space for more storage than twelve -80°C freezers under room temperature storage

Specification Description
Dimensions 41.5” W x 33” H x 30” D or 106 cm x 84 cm x 77 cm; weight 300 lbs or 137 Kg empty; open drawer requires full 41” D or 105 cm
Capacity 1200 GenPlates (Standard half-height 384 well microplate format)600 GenTegra Microplates (Standard height 96 well microplate format)400 Cluster Tube Racks, 96 Tubes per Rack

GenStore Desktop Archive

The Desktop archive is the smallest in the series of room-temperature biosample archiving systems available form GenVault. The desktop system allow one to validate the concept of room temperature sample storage at a cost effective entry point.

Key Features and Benefits

Room temperature equivalent to -80C freezer

  • Room temperature storage cabinet for GenPlates
  • Can hold up to 100 GenPlates of any configuration
  • Biosample aliquot capacity of about 40,000 aliquots, equivalent to one ultra-low freezer
  • Passive humidity control with digital humidity control monitor on tightly sealing cabinet door.

Transportable and Space Efficient

  • Small footprint of 20″(h) x 20″(w) x 10″(d)
  • light-weight (35 pounds or 16kg) without Genplates
  • Fits perfectly on top of any lab bench

Organized and Scalable

  • 2D barcode of each GenPlate location
  • Multiple systems van be integrated via GenConnect software to create a field-archive at numerous locations
  • Specific “grid” configuration in the cabinet and the software provides global organization to all biosamples

Cost-effective & Sustainable

  • A fraction of the cost of a single -80C freezer
  • Virtually no maintenance costs compared to freezers
  • Energy consumption savings of 7,665 kWh per year
  • Annual energy cost savings of $1,073 in comparison to -80C freezer
  • Energy savings is equivalent to 55,000 pounds of carbon dioxide reduction over five years or removal of about 5 cars from the road for one year!
Catalogue Number Product Description Price
I-GV2 Desktop Archive Cabinet  $1,306.00
I-GV3 GenStore  Archive, cabinet only $12,456.00
I-GV3.2CAB GenStore Archive System, Active Dehumid Pump, USB BC Scanner , RH alarm $18,953.00
I-GV3PLRK Plate Rack for GenStore Archive, 10% discount of 6 or more $116.00
I-GV3BXRK Box Rack for GenStore Archive, 10% discount of 6 or more $182.00
I-GV3STK Stack Kit for GenStore Cabinet, no charge if two GenStore Cabinets ordered at same time $656.00
I-GVTHUM-1 Integrated Temp/Humidity Computer Software (Option for GV1.2CAB) $325.00
I-GVGT-6000 Fast Dryer, 6 GenPlates, 6 Microplates $1,795.00
I-GVGT2001 Fast Dryer, 1 to 24-Tube or Single Plate $740.60
I-GTA1002 0.5 ml Cluster Tube 96-Rack, Working Rack $44.00
I-GTA1003 0.5 ml Cluster Tube, 96 Tubes per Rack, 10 Racks, Storage Rack $264.00
I-GTA1005 Cluster Tube Cap Mat, 10-Pack $243.00
I-GTA008B-10 Archive sleeve, holds 10 inch high stack of microplates, Cluster racks, or GenPlates,10 pack  $154.00