Quantitative multiplexed Protein analysis using the Luminex xMAP technology

ITSIBIO » Quantitative Multiplexed Protein Analysis Using The Luminex Xmap Technology

We utilize the Luminex xMAP system to provide multiplex protein biomarker monitoring, validation and screening. Multiple target proteins can be monitored simultaneously in the same samples. Kits developed by Luminex strategic partners that have received 510(k) clearance from the FDA can be used on the Luminex system for diagnostic purposes. Custom assays can be developed using antibodies supplied by the client or off the shelf assays can be obtained from strategic partners for most biomedical research applications.

Quantitative Multiplexed RNA Analysis

Most biological and clinical samples can be analyzed, including, tissue homogenate, cell lysate, whole blood, serum, plasma, purified proteins and formalin-fixed paraffin embedded samples. Partial list of assays available: cancer markers, cardiac markers, cellular signaling, cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors, endocrine, isotyping, matrix metalloproteinases, metabolic markers, neurobiology, and transcription factors/nuclear receptors.

Why xMAP technology?
Multiplexing: Up to 100 bioassays per well; including controls.

Parallel analysis: simultaneous quantitation of multiple proteins in the same sample.
Sample amount: less than 50ul for up to 100 data points.

Reproducibility: provides consistent results and allow for easy quality control.
Accuracy: Quantitative results over a 3 to 4 log dynamic range, with strong concordance to ELISA and mass spectrometry.

1SP1Sample Preparation 1Homogenization, protein quantitation using ToPA Bradford protein assay kit.Per sample
2SP2Sample Preparation 2Includes precipitation, buffer exchange, protein quantitation, etc. and the use of ToPI-DIGE, ToPREP and ToPA kits.Per sample
3SP3Sample Preparation 3Depletion of abundant protein e.g. bovine or human serum albumin using ITSI ASK-Column kit.Per sample
4SP4Sample Preparation 4Depletion of abundant protein e.g. bovine or human serum albumin using ITSI ASK-Solvent kit.Per sample
5SP5Sample Preparation 5Depletion IgY Column Depletion of 14 abundant proteins from serum / plasma using IgY column.Per sample
6S100XMxMAP analysisQuantitative protein analysis using Luminex xMAP technology. The level of up to 100 proteins can be measured simultaneously in 50ul of serum, plasma, tissue lysate and other body fluids.1-100 samples
7AD100XMAssay Development for xMAP analysis of ProteinsThis service involves development assays to target proteins(s) of interest.Per target