GenPlates are an automation friendly, high density GenSaver paper-based device that allows biobanking of blood and other biological fluids in a 384-well format. GenPlates are now the preferred technology for collection and long-term storage of DNA in Dried Blood Spots (DBS) samples and are ideal for collecting samples in areas where cold storage is unavailable, inconsistent due to power failure or expensive. It stores samples in the dry-state and at ambient temperature and provides high-level protection of samples during shipment. This technology helps eliminate the burden involved in storing samples cold using wet-ice or frozen with dry-ice, thereby reducing the cost of biosample acquisition, transportation, and storage.

GenPlates have been in existence and employed for the storage and protection of DNA in dried blood spots since 2006, and the technology is protected by US and International Patents. This technology provides long term, high-density storage of blood, blood products, and biosamples.

The study by Somiari et al (2011) titled “STR Analysis of Human DNA Samples After Dry-State Ambient Temperature Storage in GenPlates”, demonstrates that an average of 32.2% and 4.9% more DNA was recoverable per ul blood from GenPlates compared to frozen blood after two weeks and 16 months storage dry state storage, respectively. This result apparently demonstrates that higher amounts of DNA are recoverable from GenPlates per microliter of blood compared to blood samples stored frozen.

Each GenPlate is in a 384-microplate format and wells contain a 6-mm disc of GenSaver paper. There are 5 different configurations that allow the collection of different sample aliquots to fit the purpose. For example, the 1 – region plate configuration allows the collection of 384 unique samples/plate, one aliquot each or 384 different samples/plate, whereas the 24-region plate configuration allows the collection of 24 different samples in 4 aliquots. The GenPlate has the following specifications:

  • Each well of the sample region contains a 6mm disc of GenSaver paper
  • Each disc in the well will hold 10µl of whole blood, purified genomic DNA (gDNA), purified plasmid DNA (pDNA), crude bacterial suspension (clones), or glycerol bacterial stock
  • Using GenSolve each disc yields approximately 100ng of DNA
  • Each plate is foil sealed top and bottom
  • GenPlates are formatted into five different configurations
  • Each plate contains a 14-digit barcode which specifies plate type, region configuration, and unique plate number.
  • GenPlates are available in various formats to suit your research and DBS storage needs

GenPlates are manufactured by GenTegra, LLC. ITSI-Biosciences is the sole distributor of GenPlates globally. For more information, contact us via Email:, Phone: 814-262-7331 or Fax: 814-262-7334