GenSolve is a robust kit for extracting high quality high yield double-stranded DNA preserved in GenPlates®,FTA paper, Guthrie cards and all filter papers. Existing generic methods of extracting DNA from the cellulose matrix include alkaline conditions, and high heat, both of which result in the recovery of single-stranded DNA; restriction digest or organic extractions yield double stranded DNA but are labor intensive.

Advantages of Gensolve:

  • High yields of double stranded DNA
  • >35Kb molecular weight DNA
  • Fast, only requires 90 minutes
  • Simple easy process

The GenSolve procedure consists of incubating 6mm FTA discs at 65 ̊C with a protease combined with a proprietary high pH solution and 1% lithium dodecyl sulfate. The incubation releases DNA, proteins and cellular debris from the matrix in a highly efficient manner. After centrifugation the eluate can be purified by a standard bind-wash-elute method for DNA isolation and concentration. The entire process from punch to purified double stranded DNA takes less than 90 minute