QuantiGene Plex is a powerful tool. The right QuantiGene service can aid drug discovery and development. It can be a great addition to your lab’s tools for clinical research. 

Notice we said the “right” QuantiGene service. How can you tell the difference between the best QuantiGene services and the ones you should avoid? 

That’s exactly the question we will answer in this guide. 

Read on to peruse our checklist for picking the right QuantiGene Plex service. 

QuantiGene Qualifications to Seek

We’re not going to play favorites when it comes to mentioning specific services. Instead, we’ll show you what to look for in a QuantiGene service. Once you know what to look for, you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Take a look, and begin your education. You’ll be a QuantiGene expert in no time.

Quantity of RNA Targets

The point of QuantiGene is quantity. The word factors into the name of the service itself. Thus, you want to guarantee you’re finding a QuantiGene service that can measure as many genes as possible.

A good QuantiGene service should have the equipment to measure up to 80 genes.

No RNA Purification Required

RNA purification has its uses. Involvement in branched DNA assay does not have to be one of them.

We see RNA purification as an extra, unnecessary step in the assay. Many QuantiGene Plex companies see it the same way. That’s why they offer their services without the need for RNA purification.

When a service does not require RNA purification, it can work with degraded tissues and directly with blood. All of these things simplify the workflow, making your research easier and clearer. 

Check the Inventory

You’re going to use your QuantiGene Plex assay to create pathway-themed and disease-themed panels. These are complex panels that require analysis of multiple genes. You can’t run a disease panel when you only have a few genes to validate against.

You choose should choose a service that has an in-depth inventory of validated genes. This will give you the most thorough assay. 

It’s reasonable to expect your QuantiGene Plex service have an inventory of thousands of validated genes, and not low thousands. We’re saying around 15,000 genes is the ballpark you want to be in. 


Finding a service that can create custom panels quickly is just good sense. You want a QuantiGene service that can be a true partner to your lab. If you need a custom panel, your QuantiGene service should oblige. 

Custom panels are always going to take longer than standard panels to create. You should expect a little extra wait time. We think within a couple weeks is a reasonable standard. 

Plex Your Lab’s Muscles

Forgive the terrible pun, but it points to a truth. If you choose a high-quality QuantiGene Plex service, your research will grow stronger. We hope this guide has given you insight into how to find that service.

A lot of your search should be about quantity. Can they measure a lot of targets, and do they have a large inventory? If the answers to those questions are both “yes” and they can do their work quickly, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

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