Testing is an important part of the medical field. It plays a crucial role in diagnostics. A total protein assay kit helps doctors analyze what is going on with their patients. 

Whether the doctor is conducting a routine health check, investigating unexplained weight loss or fatigue, or checking for kidney or liver disease, a protein test is necessary. The accuracy of the kit can make a huge impact on a patient’s life.

The right total protein assay kit varies from lab to lab. To see if ITSI-Bioscience protein assay kits work for you, learn more below.

The Lowry Method

The Lowry protein assay method has been around since the 1940s, thanks to Oliver H. Lowry. Out of all the important medical papers published throughout time, Lowry’s work on this method is the most cited.

The Lowry method is based on the reaction of copper ions to peptide bonds. Unfortunately, this method is affected by the presence of other chemical compounds in the mixture. 

Many of today’s protein assay methods are modified versions of the Lowry method.

The Bradford Method

Compared to the Lowry method, the Bradford method is newer, developed in 1976 by Marion M. Bradford. This method is affected by the pH balance of the mixture, and depends on the amino acids of the proteins. 

With the Bradford method, dye binding is used to analyze results. This method is less susceptible to other chemicals present in the mixture, which makes is preferable to the Lowry method. Unfortunately, the amount of buffer present can affect the outcome. 

If a new assay method is not based on Lowry’s, it’s likely based on Bradford’s. 

New Methods

While the Lowry and Bradford methods are important, foundational scientific breakthroughs, some biochemists complain that they are outdated. Biochemists have to consider the content of their sample before deciding which is best.

Most labs prefer a kit where outcomes are less susceptible to their buffer system, that can analyze small samples, and aren’t affected by other chemical compounds that may be present.

ITSI-Biosciences Kits

The ITSIPrep Bradford Total Protein Assay Kit is based on the Bradford assay method but is optimized for better performance. Not only is it more sensitive than the traditional Bradford method, but it is more tolerant of most buffer systems.

Users find our kits are more consistent than the standard Bradford array and faster than the Lowry array. The results can be reproduced and the reagents are ready to use. 

These kits are cost-effective for medical labs, providing the lowest cost per sample compared to other kits. They are also easy to use, so there’s no need to use your best manpower. 

These kits include all quanti-protein and curve reagents, curvettes and microtiter plates, assay tubes, and an easy to use protocol. You can find this kit in two assay quantities: a cheaper one for 20 assays, and a good value for 96 assays.

Our Total Protein Assay Kit

The ITSI-Bioscience protein assay kit is constructed with convenience, available protein, various mixtures, and accuracy in mind. 

Is your lab is looking for an effective total protein assay kit? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our products.