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For Dried Blood Spots (DBS) DNA Recovery and Purification

GenSolve DNA COMPLETE is a convenient, robust kit for extracting and purifying high quantity dsDNA from DBS. Superior results are obtained for blood spotted on GenPlates, GenSaver cards, FTA paper, GenCollect cards, Guthrie cards and all other filter papers. Generic methods of extracting DNA from the cellulose matrix include alkaline conditions, and high heat, both of which result in the recovery of single-stranded DNA; restriction digest or organic extractions yield dsDNA but are labor intensive. GenSolve extraction is both effective and mild and delivers high quality double stranded DNA

Advantages of GenSolve DNA COMPLETE:

• Convenient single kit for extraction and purification

• High yields of high quality dsDNA

• >35 Kb molecular weight DNA

• Fast, start to finish in about 90 minutes

• Any batch size from 1 to 100 DBS samples.


More and Better DNA GenSaver cards and FTA® paper are a fast, economical and easy way to collect DNA from a variety of biological samples. Blood, buccal cells, plants, bacteria and many other sample types are applied to these papers where the cells are lysed and DNA is captured in the cellulose matrix. After drying, the samples are stable and ready storage or shipping. GenSolve recovers the same high quality double stranded DNA from all papers, and the process is fast and easy. All possible downstream interference by the FTA chemicals is eliminated as they are re-moved when using GenSolve. GenSolve also delivers the highest yields of dsDNA when compared togeneric extraction protocols.

Fast Simple Extraction & high yield purification.

The GenSolve DNA COMPLETE procedure consists of incubating 6 mm paper discs at 56 ̊C with a proteinase combined with a proprietary high pH solution and detergent. The incubation releases DNA, proteins and cellular debris from the matrix in a highly efficient manner. After centrifugation the eluate is purified by a standard bind-wash elute column method for DNA isolation and concentration. The entire process from punch to purified double stranded DNA takes a little over 90 minutes. GenSolve COM-PLETE routinely provides equal or better yields of high quality DNA than earlier published best results.

GenSolve DNA Performance

Yield of DNA:

GenSolve DNA COMPLETE recovers a significant amount of the DNA trapped within the matrix when whole blood is spotted on paper. Yields are between50 – 360 ng from 10 μL of whole blood. In our experience, yields of DNA are routinely higher when Gen-Saver cards are being used rather than FTA paper. Yield varies depending on the initial sample and the normal variability between donors.


GenSolve extraction is reproducible with an aver-age CV of 11%, over 90 FTA discs containing 10 μL of whole blood from 30 unique sample.

Quality DNA:

DsDNA recovered from paper via the GenSolve extraction method is intact and approximately 35 kb in length

Suitability of GenSolve recovered DNA

DNA recovered is suitable for use in all standard methods.

•DNA recovered is of high quality with a MW of approximately 35 kb

•Serves as template for all PCR, QPCR, STR, etc.

•Can be used in TagMan allelic discrimination SNP Genotyping assays

•Gives 100% concordance for GeneChip Human mapping 10 k array

•Can be used on BeadLab platform using the GoldenGate Array

Product Specification Description
Contents Configured to treat batches of: 1 to 50 or 1 to 100
Storage Proteinase
Typical results of DNA purified from 10 μL of blood spotted on FTA Cards
Yield 132 ng, average per 6mm disc of blood on FTA paper
Range 50-360 ng per 6mm disc
Overall CV <20%
Concentration 0.5 to 2ng/μL
Size 35 kb, size of the majority of fragments
PCR Successful amplification
Shelf Life
Proteinase 6-months @ 4 ̊C
All other 1-year @ ambient temperature

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

Extraction and column purification for 50 DBS samples, Extraction and column purification for 100 DBS samples

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