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GenPlates® are an automation friendly, high density GenSaver paper-based format for biobanking of blood and other biological fluids. Each GenPlate is in a 384-microplate format with a 6-mm disc of GenSaver paper in each well.


GenPlates based on FTA paper has been used for storage and protection of DNA in dried blood spots since 2006, and the technology is protected by US and International Patents. GenPlates made with GenSaver paper are now available in several formats and they are currently used in America, Africa and Asia for blood storage to support nucleic acid and small molecule research. GenPlates are ideal for collection of biological specimens as well as for transportation of critical biospecimens from laboratory to laboratory or across state and national boundaries for research and clinical trials. The transport of biological specimens in the dry-state and at room temperature eliminates the drudgery and cost of cold chain management with ice, dry-ice and liquid nitrogen, thereby reducing the overall cost of biosample acquisition, transport and storage.

GenPlate Technology

GenPlates are a high density, proprietary format for storing and transporting biosamples at ambient temperatures, in the dry state. Each well is embedded with 6 mm discs of GenSaver paper.

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The paper is a macroporous cellulose matrix that can be chemically treated to inactivate bacteria and virus. Upon application of 10µl of blood or other biosample directly to the 6mm disc of GenSaver paper, cells lyse and release DNA. The DNA then becomes entwined in the fibrous network of the cellulose matrix. The entwined biosample is dried completely at room temperature and the dried sample is sealed with an adhesive cover and is ready for storage or transport at ambient temperature. More than 20 years of data and analysis exist for DNA storage on paper and the chemistry for recovering DNA and small molecules from GenSaver paper has been thoroughly validated. DNA stored on and recovered from GenSaver paper has been successfully used in demanding downstream experiments such as Illumina and Affymetrix microarrays, HLA typing, WGA, PCR, STR and genotyping, NGS and mass spectrometry.

GenPlate Formats

The most popular GenPlate format is the 24 region GenPlate that stores blood spots from 24 subjects and each subject has 4 replicates stored on the GenPlate. All current sequencing technologies can now do deep whole genome sequencing on the DNA extracted from only 6 mm disc.

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Any leftover DNA can be preserved with GenTegra-DNA for later use as needed. The four replicates ensure that another sample is always available when needed. Dried blood spots on GenSaver paper require storage in a humidity-controlled environment to ensure that the samples are properly protected from future contamination. There are also cabinets and archives that provide active humidity control for long term storage of GenPlates. Tracking of plate and sample location are easy. Each GenPlate has a unique barcode on it and the Personal Archive offers a storage cabinet that provides a unique 2D barcode for each and every storage location within the archive.


  • GenPlates are 384-well half height (ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 standard) microplates
  • Each well of sample region contains a 6mm disc of GenSaver paper
  • Each disc in the well will hold 10µl of blood, purified genomic DNA (gDNA), purified plasmid DNA (pDNA), crude bacterial suspension (clones), or glycerol bacterial stock
  • Using GenSolve each disc yields approximately 100ng of DNA
  • Each plate is foil sealed top and bottom
  • GenPlates are formatted into five different region patterns
  • Each plate contains a 14-digit barcode which specifies plate type, region configuration, and unique plate number
Catalog #NameDescriptionDescriptionElementsUnitNo Per Pack
GVSL1-20GenPlate Replacement SealsGenPlate Replacement Seals11EA20
GVSL1-100GenPlate Replacement SealsGenPlate Replacement Seals11EA100
GVNP-20GenPlate 01R384EGenPlate Single Region (384 Element)1384EA20
GVN6P-20GenPlate 06R40EGenPlate 6 Region (40 Element)640EA20
GVN3P-20GenPlate 03R96EGenPlate 3 Region (96 Element)396EA20
GVN24P6-20GenPlate 24R6EGenPlate 24 Region (6 Element)246EA20
GVN24P-20GenPlate 24R4EGenPlate 24 Region (4 Element)244EA20
GVN12P-20GenPlate 12R16EGenPlate 12 Region (16 Element)1216EA20