ITSI Biosciences supports many laboratories, educational institutions, municipalities, and medical practices for a variety of purposes. Here are five examples of services ITSI Biosciences provides:

Research Support

Biomedical research has exploded over the past few decades and the number of jobs in the biomedical field is estimated to grow by over 20%. ITSI Biosciences supports researchers with products to collect and analyze samples, including buccal DNA collection kits, sample tubes, reagents, and lab equipment.

For researchers who do not have access to the labs or the lab equipment necessary for their research, ITSI Biosciences provides testing services. Researchers can rely on ITSI Biosciences’s labs to follow laboratory best practices and even aid in the design of experiments to obtain the precise experimental data sought. By outsourcing testing and analysis, researchers can focus on the theoretical and academic side of their research.

Laboratory Support

State and local police labs, university labs, and medical labs often lack the time, capacity, or equipment needed to perform all the testing and analysis needed. As lab workers know, testing and analysis take time and personnel and it is impossible to perform rush jobs when the reactions require a minimum amount of time. Moreover, cutting corners or performing sloppy work to try to rush through testing and analysis can lead to unreliable or unusable results. ITSI Biosciences can take the pressure off laboratories with its state of the art equipment and trained laboratory professionals to perform the testing and analysis those laboratories cannot perform in a timely manner.

Protein Testing Services

Protein analysis is becoming an important diagnostic and prognostic tool. ITSI Biosciences provides protein analysis to identify proteins that have been correlated to many illnesses and conditions. For example, protein analysis has been used to aid in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, tuberculosis, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Moreover, protein analysis can serve as a prognostic tool, with research suggesting that analysis of proteins may identify the severity of organ rejection in transplant patients and the likelihood that tumors will resist specific drugs and treatments in cancer patients.

DNA Testing Services

DNA analysis has been used for a variety of purposes in research and forensics. ITSI Biosciences’s DNA analysis can provide scientific evidence that determines whether samples from an individual correlates with samples collected in the field. This type of analysis is used most frequently in two areas. Samples collected from an individual can be compared to samples collected from disasters or mass casualty crime scenes to identify victims. Similarly, samples collected from an accused individual can be compared to samples collected from a crime scene during a criminal investigation to identify perpetrators. ITSI Biosciences performs these types of analyses objectively to produce evidence that can be used to exonerate or incriminate accused individuals.

DNA analysis is also useful for providing scientific evidence to determine whether a familial relationship exists between individuals. As with individual identification, relational identification can be used to establish or refute paternity, maternity, or other familial relationships in such cases.

Aside from its evidentiary use to identify individuals or determine familial relationships, DNA analysis is also used to classify the species or lineage of plants, animals, and microbes. For example, DNA analysis can assist researchers in differentiating between strains of infectious diseases, establishing relationships within animal populations, or investigating evolutionary paths of organisms.

RNA Analysis

Like protein analysis, RNA analysis is proving to be an important diagnostic tool for genetic diseases. ITSI Biosciences can provide RNA analysis to identify genes that code for enzymes, antibodies, and other proteins associated with biological processes like viral response, immune response, and cellular activity.

Moreover, genetic diseases associated with Mendelian traits, such as cystic fibrosis, sickle-cell anemia, and Tay-Sachs disease can not only be diagnosed but can be predicted by testing both parents before conception. Genetic diseases that are non-Mendelian can be researched by sequencing RNA to attempt to identify the processes that lead to inheritance of the non-Mendelian trait.

ITSI Biosciences can support researchers in designing and executing experiments to collect the data needed for their research. Similarly, ITSI Biosciences can provide the capacity and capability to support laboratories in their testing and analysis. These testing and analysis services include experimental, diagnostic, prognostic, and forensic uses of DNA, RNA, and proteins.