GenSaver Cards and GenSaver Color Cards are designed for collection and ambient temperature transport and storage of  DNA  from biofluids. It allows long-term ambient temperature stabilization of blood, saliva, buccal cells and urine or DNA isolated from these samples. These cards are made of pure absorbent fibers according to highest standards in manufacturing and are impregnated with a patented chemical formula that stabilizes nucleic acids at ambient temperature for at least 20 years.

There are two types of GenSaver Cards. GenSaver 1.0 contains the proprietary GenTegra DNA which effectively stabilizes DNA in biological samples. GenTegra DNA does not interfere with PCR so GenSaver 1.0 is ideal for projects that require direct PCR analysis without the need for a cleanup step, allowing for high quality DNA and quantitative recovery. GenSaver 2.0 contains antimicrobials which allows their use in collection of relatively dirty biological samples e.g. from crime scenes, without the risk of bacterial growth or contamination. The antimicrobial compounds will not inhibit PCR and other downstream processes following extraction of DNA from the card.

The two types of cards can be offered as standard or color card. The color card turns white when the sample is applied so it is perfect for collection of colorless samples such as saliva, buccal cells, and urine.

Applications includes forensics, genomics, transgenic identification, plasmid screening, STR and NGS, genotyping, animal identification and whole genome amplification.