Total Protein Precipitation Kit (ToPREP, K-0016)


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Protein precipitation is an important step prior to many experiments. This step essential for concentration of proteins if total protein concentration is below the required detection limit. It is also required when buffer exchange is necessary and for partial purification of proteins. To be useful, the procedure must be reproducible, permit high protein recovery, and should be simple to perform and cost effective.

Benefits of using ITSIPrep Protein Precipitation Kits:

- Greater than 90% recovery

- Lowest cost/sample for concentration and buffer exchange

- Convenient

- Reproducible results

- Ready-to-use reagents

The easy-to-use Protein Precipitation Kit (ToPREP) is specifically formulated for precipitation of proteins from solution with higher than 90% recovery. It contains the ProPreCip protein precipitation booster, optimized reagents, and standard operating procedure. This allows research scientists to easily, conveniently, and reproducibly precipitate total proteins or perform buffer exchange. The precipitated protein is suitable for 1D-PAGE, 2D-PAGE, 2D-DIGE, and western analysis.

Each Kit contains optimized reagents and consumables including:

  • ToPREP Buffer 1
  • ToPREP Buffer 2
  • ToPREP Buffer 3
  • ToPREP Wash Buffer
  • ProPreCip - Precipitation Booster
  • Validated SOP for Total Protein Precipitation
  • Micro grinder Pestle and Tubes

(10 Assays)

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