Western Blot Kit (W-Blot, K-0045)


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ITSI-Biosciences distinctive Western Blotting Kit (W-Blot™ [K-0045]) is a ready-to-probe western blot of human, animal, or plant proteins on a nitrocellulose membrane (Figure 1, Figure 2). Each blot contains 20ug of total protein per lane. W-blot™ permits qualitative and semi-quantitative immune-blotting to determine whether a protein-of-interest is expressed/not-expressed in a particular tissue or organ. Each W-Blot™ comes pre-blocked and ready-to-probe with your antibody. The W-Blots contains an internal standard to enable blot-blot and cross-species comparisons. W-Blot™ can be re-probed multiple times and can be customized with any required tissue. The PVDF membrane is available upon request.


  • Ready-to-Probe
  • Prepared with 20ug of high quality protein per lane
  • Internal standards for intra/inter-blot comparisons
  • “Normal” and “disease” tissues available
  • Permits radioactive and non-radioactive detection
  • Customizable and re-probable

Fig 1: Gel image of proteins isolated from rat prostate and separated by 1D Electrophoresis using 4-20% gradient SDS-PAGE gels.

Fig 2: W-Blot™ showing SA1A and Beta-Actin bands

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