Total Protein Isolation Kit (ToPI, K-0011)

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The ToPI-PAGE kit contains a set of optimized buffers, consumables, and standard operating procedure that allow the isolation of total proteins from biological and clinical samples with no protein breakdown. ToPI-PAGE is optimized for isolation of total proteins from cell lines (K-0011-C) and mammalian tissue (K-0011-T) prior to sodium dodecyl sulfate- polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). In most cases, it allows a smooth transition from the protein isolation step to the downstream analytical processes without the need to perform a buffer exchange. The standard ToPI kit will allow quick and convenient isolation of proteins from 10 samples.

Fig 1: Total protein from heart tissue isolated with ToPI Kit, separated by SDS-PAGE and stained with BioBlue protein gel stain. Each Kit contains optimized buffer systems and consumables including:

  • Buffer 1
  • Buffer 2
  • Buffer 3
  • iTube A (Protease-, RNase- & DNAse- free)
  • iTube B (Protease-, RNase- & DNAse- free)
  • Validated SOP for total protein isolation from cell lines and tissue

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Cell Lines, Mammalian Tissue