Trypsin Digestion Monitoring Kit (TrypDM, K-0021D)


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Protein identification by mass spectrometry is one of the most important steps in proteomics. Proteins are typically digested into peptides using an enzyme prior to the mass spectrometry (MS) step. The most popular enzyme used for protein digestion is trypsin. ITSIPrep Trypsin Digestion Monitoring (TrypDM) Kit is the first kit to allow fast and accurate monitoring of the level of protein digested when trypsin or any other enzyme is used. No gel electrophoresis is required to confirm that the protein is digested. The TrypDM kit will enable researchers to easily and quickly test the trypsinized sample to accurately determine the extent of digestion. This will increase the overall efficiency of protein mass spectrometry by reducing the number of failed experiments, and hence the overall cost of proteomics research.

Fig 1: Use of ProDM kit to monitor the digestion of Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) by trypsin. Panel "A" shows the spectrophotometric readings at various time intervals. Absorbance of the reaction mixture was measured at 585nm after addition of ITSIPREP Digestion Detection Reagent. Panel "B" shows electrophoretic image of the corresponding aliquots. Note that the BSA protein band in Panel B is only visible at T0 (no digestion). SM is size marker

Materials provided in the kit include:

  • Reaction Buffer
  • Reaction Quencher
  • Detection Reagent
  • Validated Procedure

(10 Assays)

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